Java Experiments (old)

These Applets all load a strip of images in a single GIF file for shorter download times. Note that the download time for the car animation (top right) is still 1min 16s on a 28.8 modem, but once it comes through it's amusing.

By double clicking on the picture you can reverse the direction of play. By holding down a mouse button and moving the mouse to the right, you'll speed up the playback, while dragging in this way to the left will slow it down.

These animations are 39, 40 and 53 frames, many more than the usual animated logo...For the car animation, all frames were hand drawn, while the other two were produced using 3D Studio MAX. The animations are displayed using Java code from AlteredWorlds.

Please send us feedback about how well (or not) these work on your system!

Sorry, this requires JAVA support... Sorry, this requires JAVA support...

GIF Animation Editor (experimental, as yet)

The playback controls are as above (speed up, slow down, reverse). To apply an effect, either hit "All" to select all frames, or use the bottom button to mark the start and end of your frame selection. Then choose the effect from the drop down list at the top. You can't yet alter the parameters of any of these effects, so some of them are random or not that great. "invert" works well, as does "pseudoColor" - sometimes, depending on the random number chosen for Has anyone out there tried viewing this page on anything other than Intel/Windows, and if so, how well does it work?