Some Altered VRML...

VRML is an acronym for Virtual Reality Modelling Language, which allows the viewing of three-dimensional virtual worlds on the Internet. Viewing a VRML scene is an interactive experience, where the viewer can navigate around the scene and explore!
If you can't see rotating text to the left, your browser doesn't yet support VRML 2.0. You'll need to download a plugin - click here for some help.

VRML 2.0 is the latest version, supporting many interesting features, including animation. There are many plugins available to provide VRML 2.0 support for your browser (it should be noted that not all of them do it right yet!).

VRML 2.0 Worlds by AlteredWorlds:

Ship Docking

VRML 1.0 is an older version, which does not support animation. If you're lucky, your browser may have come with built in support for VRML 1.0, and so we've provided a very simple VRML 1.0 scene so you can get a taste of what is possible.

VRML 1.0 world:


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