User Feedback for AlteredSaver...

Here are a few excerpts from emails we're received:

'Awesome screensaver!'

'It runs beautifully,the saver "kicks"'s a really cool product; keep me posted on anything you come up with in the future....I'm a fan!'

'This is absolutely some of the best stuff I've ever seen. I'm hooked already.'

'You guys and gals are GODS!!!! You have made my every screen saver dream and fantasy come true!!! [It's] the single most beautiful screen saver on the web!! I have been searching for over a year for a FULL 3D screen that would utilize my video card to its fullest potential, and I have NOW finally found it in AlteredWorlds!!! I'll never need to search for another screen saver again!!! AlteredWorlds is ALL I'll ever need!!! Thanks for a great screen saver, and keep up the MAGNIFICENT work!!! Lovin AlteredWorlds!!!!'

'Just to let you know that your saver works great on my pc [Pentium 200MMX, 64MB PC100 SDRAM, 4MB Creative Graphics Blaster Exxtreme PCI/3D Labs Permedia2 chipset] I ran it at 640x480 16bit, and it ran great. No 3D or drawing problems. Looked great.
Awesome! Thanks! And God bless you!'

'my friend installed it and her screen looks like a movie'

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