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AlteredSaver v3

Purchasing Create Content!

If you love to look at computer graphics and beautiful 3D, but you're not really into video games; or you're tired of the same old stuff - then our screen saver is for you!

Our goal is to make sure you're always entertained. AlteredSaver can download new content from our web site with just one click - we have lots of award winning interactive art to choose from.

Award-winning 3D Screen Savers:

ELEVEN 3D screen savers are include!. Switch between scenes automatically. Several different camera views are included in each scene - you're able to switch between them and smoothly rotate the view using the arrow keys. Great for youngsters! Download new 3D content from with one click! Play Audio CDS, MP3s and WAVs while watching cutting-edge 3D graphics. Optimized for the GeForce, but works well on most 3D cards.

AlteredSaver was awarded a 5 Star Editor's pick by ZDNet and ranked among the most popular 5% of all their downloads. AlteredSaver has featured in magazines all over the world, including the UK, Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands and the US.

SpaceGnats - the SaverGame™:
This saver is also a game - the further you progress in the game, the more 3D content the saver will play. Blast your way through 6 levels of mayhem OR kick back and watch some amazing 3D graphics while listening to your favorite music...! Includes 3 additional bonus scenes.

Shoot all Gnat fighters on each level before you run out of time, or it's back to the start of the level again. Blow up all the Gnats, and you'll move on to the next level. Make it through all 6 levels (3 on land, 3 in space) and you'll find a time tunnel leading you back to your own dimension... For Windows 9x/NT/2000 and Linux (x86).

The shareware version of AlteredSaver includes ALL functionality for 30 days.

The registered version is available for $14.95 <<BUY_NOW!>>



Purchasing AlteredSaver v3 online!

Selling AlteredSaver v3 online allows us to keep our costs to a minimum. We outsource our store to® a respected and reliable service that's been around since 1987. SWREG® is one of the most advanced secure payment registration site on the web today, with annual sales at the $10m mark, and is also the official Compuserve shareware gateway (GO SWREG).

When you purchase AlteredSaver from our SWREG® store, you will be sent a confirmation email containing your serial number. Enter this serial number into AlteredSaver's registration dialog (press 'Buy Now!' then 'Register AlteredSaver v3...') while connected to the Internet and your software will be 'unlocked'. The 30 day time limit is removed, and you continue to have access to all AlteredSaver's features. If you need to install AlteredSaver on a machine without Internet access, contact us via email and we'll send you a manual 'unlock code'.

You don't have to worry about SWREG® store security - you're dealing with professionals. We like it that way - at AlteredWorlds, we can concentrate on producing beautiful 3D graphics!

Very shortly, you'll also be able to buy our software on CD for an additional charge of $10 including shipping and handling. AlteredSaver will soon be featured in the's Software Download section, as well as TuCows and Buyonet online stores, and more...!

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Create 3D Content for AlteredSaver!:

We have an Exporter plugin for 3D Studio MAX™ R3 and *NEW* MAX R4!

Our plugin creates cross-platform compatible TNT files for AlteredSaver - view them on Windows and Linux [Max OS X on the way]. Our Exporter captures as much information from MAX as we can - including: Animated Transformations, animated Meshes, Textures, and Lighting, with support for advanced real-time features including per-pixel Bump Mapping, Cube Environment Mapping!

We would like to create similar plugins for Maya (Windows & Linux) and most especially for any CHEAPER 3D modellers with decent plugin SDK support. Please send in your recommendations & gift copies!

The 3D Studio MAX R3 and R4 plugins are included in our main install package AlteredSaver3.

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Contact AlteredWorlds:

Technical Support *CLICK HERE*

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Computer Hardware & 3D:

For best results, hardware accelerated 3D support is essential. Almost all newer PCs support AlteredSaver - check out the list of SUPPORTED VIDEO CARDS. You may need to install your video card manufacturer's latest drivers - ask them for help.

With a supported video card, AlteredSaver should work fine on any PC compatible with a Pentium 233 or better.

OpenGL must be installed on your system - this is pre-installed on Windows 98, ME, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, and on all versions of Windows 95 except the first (in which case it can be downloaded from Microsoft). Linux has a few more variations at this time - we recommend consulting for XFree86 3.3.6. NVIDIAs binary drivers v0.94+ work fine on XFree86 4.0.

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