Linux - AlteredSaver v2.3 - SaverGame™ Release!

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Buy AlteredSaver v2.2 - SaverGame(tm) Release online! Take over the controls at any time and play, or sit back and watch AlteredWorlds' award winning 3D savers show off the power of your PC! Includes stand-alone game launcher & FIVE additional FREE 3D Screen Savers (ZDNet 5 Star Award).

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AlteredSaver v2.3
requires glibc2.1.2
Get it here...! altered-2.3f.tgz (10.9MB)
SDL library (LGPL) source SDLlibs_src.tgz (1.7MB)

AlteredSaver Copyright © 2001 AlteredWorlds. All Rights Reserved. SaverGame is a registered Trademark of AlteredWorlds. SDL, SDL_mixer and SMPEG are covered by the LGPL; Copyright belongs to original authors.