Supported Video Cards - AlteredWorlds:

Full Support in AlteredSaver v3:

NVIDIA GeForce3 & 2, GeForce, TNT2, TNT, RIVA128 and newer...

Full support for all effects. You may need to use the latest Detonator drivers from NVIDIA at - the standard drivers that come with Windows 2000 have hardware OpenGL support disabled!

Hey guys, we'd love a free GeForce3 - can't afford one yet, otherwise!

ATI Radeon, Rage 128, Rage Pro, Rage Pro LT

Radeon has good support - but you'll need to use their 'Special Purpose' drivers from the web site. These drivers seem very stable to me.
Rage Pro (LT): The fog support is only partial (GL_FOG_MODE, GL_LINEAR not supported)-For drivers, try ATI at:

Thanks to ATI for the free Radeon 64MB - much appreciated!

Kyro II

These cards aren't bad at all, and seem to have decent drivers. The hardware can support DOT3 bump mapping, but this is only available via Direct3D at the moment - please write to your card manufacturer and ask them to provide DOT3 OpenGL support! Check out

Thanks to ST & PowerVR for the free Kyro II - much appreciated!

Matrox G200 and G400

Full support on Windows 95,98, NT and 2000 using latest drivers from

Thanks to Matrox for the free G400 - much appreciated!

3Dfx Cards

Supports the Voodoo 3 and Voodoo 2. For drivers, go to 3Dfx at:

Thanks to 3Dfx for the free test hardware - much appreciated!

In all cases we have tested, the performance of AlteredSaver v3.0 shows significant improvement over earlier versions.

Please write and tell us if you have any problems using these cards with our software. We'd also like to hear about the behaviour on other 3D cards, if any users have tried out AlteredSaver. Before contacting us, please make sure you're using the most recent drivers for your video card!
Mail us at: - please include operating system and video card details.