Windows - AlteredSaver v3.2!

BUY * AlteredSaver v3.2! *

Buy AlteredSaver v3 online! Take over the controls at any time and play, or sit back and watch AlteredWorlds' award winning 3D savers show off the power of your PC! Includes stand-alone game launcher & SIXTEEN additional FREE 3D Screen Savers (ZDNet 5 Star Award) - with more on the way!
*take a look at product help*
*UPDATED* new version released September 16th 6pm [San Francisco]

* Bump Mapping support (DOT3) enabled for the ATI Radeon
* Bump Mapping support for animated meshes
* 3D Studio MAX R3 & R4 Exporter Plugins
* Includes new work by our friend Spencer Lindsay!
* Bug fixes & optimizations so you can check out some great new content!

DOWNLOAD- AlteredSaver v3.2 30 DAY TRIAL / Update available!
New users: Full install 4.6MB (16mins @ 28.8) Windows AlteredSaver3.exe (4.6MB)
Existing Users: Update 128KB (35sec @ 28.8) Windows
If you have an earlier version of AlteredSaver v3, please download and run this small update (stay online while it runs)!

AWUpdate.exe (128KB)

No information is transferred to AlteredWorlds during the update process. When you run AWUpdate, the utility simply downloads and installs the new AlteredWorlds 3D Engine.
Trial users will receive an additional 30 days!

Sample MAX Scenes (2.1MB)

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